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Reply” series actor Sung Dong Il’s mother revealed to have passed away.

While the actor was having dinner with the “Reply 1988” cast in Club Met at Phuket, Thailand, he received the news of his mother’s passing on January 20 at 8 pm KST.

As soon the news was relayed, Sung Dong Il told producer Shin Won Ho that he had to leave right away since his mother just passed away. His manager and the “Reply 1988” team then packed his bag and arranged for the first flight back to Korea.

The “Reply 1988” team revealed, “Sung Dong Il was hesitant about coming to this vacation. He had repeatedly said that he couldn’t be able to join us since he is concerned about his mother.”

It has been said that Sung Dong Il then changed his mind, he did not fly with the rest of the cast and crew of “Reply 1988” through Korean but flew instead on Jin Air a few hours later.

A crew from “Reply 1988” team also reveals, “Sung Dong Il did not look good when he arrived. He seemed a bit down, however, I just thought that he did not feel good. I had no idea that his mother was in a serious condition. I heard that he only shared it with only a few friends such as producer Shin Won Ho about what he was going through.”

Meanwhile, the body of Sung Dong Il’s mother, Chun Young Ja, is at Naeun Hospital and she would be buried on January 22.