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Mnet and the agency of “Produce 101” contestant Heo Chanmi, DubleKick Entertainment, respond to accusations of ‘evil editing’ on the show.

Recently, viewers of the show, including Chanmi’s sister have voiced out their concerns that Chanmi may have been a victim of ‘evil editing.’ Her sister has revealed that Chanmi has been suffering from vocal cord nodules but was left out from the broadcast, moreover, parts where she makes mistakes and talk about certain stuff keep on being shown on the broadcast.

Chanmi 2

In response to the issue, the management behind “Produce 101”, Mnet has addressed the issue by saying, “There were no distortions. We saw that people were writing online regarding Chanmi. We watched the broadcast once again and her throat condition was explained sufficiently.”

Meanwhile, Chanmi’s management agency, DubleKick Entertainment has revealed that they could not go in the filming set and do not know about the exact situation. Moreover, the agency reveals that although Chanmi may have felt regret that some parts where she did well were edited out, it was not distorted enough to be called as ‘evil editing.’

The agency also commented on the statements made by Chanmi’s sister by saying, “It seems that as an older sister, she was upset and wrote those things. The fans who saw it must have felt sad and expressed themselves as well.”

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