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Former EXO member Luhan talks about the about the negativity around him and his New Year plans through an interview with Chinese media outlet Sina.

On Luhan’s train ride off to the rehearsal location for “Hurry Up, Brother” which is Chinese version of the variety show “Running Man,” he sat down for an interview with Sina where he talked about his plans for the future and the criticisms around him.

The artist was asked as to which area of entertainment he is most interested in, Luhan then responds, “I hold great interest in everything and there are many areas where I am still lacking in many aspects. I would like to encounter diverse experiences and challenge myself until I find out my limit.”

He also talks about the negative rumors and news around him. He reveals, “Honestly, that kind of negativity does not affect me. I just keep on doing what I want with a willing heart.”

Luhan also reveals what path would he have wanted if he didn’t became an entertainer, “I would have been a soccer player or an investor. Right now, my parents take care of all of my assets.”

Regarding his New Year plans, Luhan reveals, “I would like to get a good rest in the New Year. Since I was so busy in 2015, I think that I need to take some time off. I would like to show a more matured side of me in 2016 than what I showed in 2015.”

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