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Mr. Park who was driving the car of the group Ladies Code was asked by the Suwon prosecution for a 2 1/2 years of jail due to the accident.

It was reported that the accident happened because of Mr. Park’s over speeding which was supposed to be 100 kmp (~62 mph) which is the normal speed, and even lower on rainy days.

In the recent hearing, he accepted the charges against him, but reasoned out as he apologizes stating ““I received the car involved in the accident for the first time the day before [the accident] so it was an unfamiliar car to me… The members, who completed a filming around a rural area on that day, seemed tired so I was trying to take them back to their dorm quickly, but the result was devastating… I am in deep regret and reflection over the mistake I made in one moment. I sincerely apologize to everyone including the bereaved families and fans who fell into deep sorrow due to the accident. Please give me the opportunity to live out my life as I work harder.” 

He even told the court to give him consideration because he did his best to resolved things just after the accident took place ““Immediately following the accident, I did my best to take all the rescue measures including calling 119 [emergency number].” 

The final result will be on their hearing on January 15 at 2pm KST.

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