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Super Junior member and “Radio Star” MC Kyuhyun apologizes to the viewers of the show following the criticisms he received in an exchange with him and Yang Se Hyung regarding a wedding of his friend.

On a previous broadcast of the show, Yang Se Hyung appeared as a special guest and shared a story of being the MC of the wedding of Kyuhyun’s friend where they poke fun of each other.

yang-se-hyung-shares-a-story-of-doing-kyuhyun-a-favorThe viewers have left comments saying that Kyuhyun was being rude to his senior Yang Se Hyung.

On the February 17 broadcast of “Radio Star,” the show started with Kyuhyun’s apology over the matter and with the other MCs revealing that he had been really worried about the issue. Fellow MC Kim Gura then consoled him by saying, “You have really become my successor.”

Kyuhyun then reveals, “I want to express my sincerest apologies regarding my actions that made the viewers upset. After going back and watching that episode, even I was embarrassed with myself. From now on, I would be making every effort to really think before I speak.”

In response to Kyuhyun’s apology, Yang Se Hyun’s brother Yang Se Chan then uploaded a photo of his brother and Kyuhyun going out for a drink. Yang Se Chan also added a caption, “They said that they went out for a drink. Kyuhyun really felt bad… I hope that their friendship would last forever.”

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