Home » Kim Yeon Woo cancels concert due to vocal problems

Ballad singer Kim Yeon Woo revealed to have been forced to cancel his latest concert halfway duo to his vocal problems.

The ballad singer was scheduled to perform in his solo concert in December 12 at Cheonan, South Chunggcheong Province. However, following the opening stage, Kim Yeon Woo told the audience that he would be unable to continue due to his vocal problems making him unable to hit high notes.

Kim Yeon Woo reveals while bursting into tears, “There is nothing wrong with my vocal cords, however, I simply could not hit the high notes. I do not think that I would be able to continue.” The singer also apologized to his fans and have asked for their understanding.

Following the cancellation, the singer personally went into the lobby of the concert venue in order to sign autographs as well as to take pictures with his fans, thus showing his appreciation for the support of his fans.

Meanwhile, all of the tickets in the Cheonan concert would be refunded instead.

Kim Yeon Woo is also expected to perform in Suwon on December 18, however it is still uncertain if he would be able to proceed with his concert tour.

The ballad singer is known for his songs such as, “I’m Your Friend,” “Melt Away,” “Call Me” as well as the OSTs “To Be With You,” “Closer” and “Because it’s You”. He has also gained attention for his performances of the show, “I Am a Singer.”


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