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Produce 101” contestant Kim Joo Na, half sister of actor Kim Soo Hyun, bursts into tears while talking about her family on the show.

Kim Joo Na is one of the contestants of Mnet’s biggest survival show “Produce 101,” which features 101 female trainees from different agencies. The viewers of the show would then determine the final line-up of a girl group, as well as its group concept and group name.

On the first episode of Mnet’s “Produce 101”, Kim Joo Na sheds tears after talking about her family.

The trainee have previously gained attention after it become known to the public that she is the half-sister of Kim So Hyun. In the interview, Kim Joo Na addresses the issue by revealing, “My mom urgently woke me up saying that there is an article about us.”

Kim Joo Na and Kim Soo HyunShe then starts to shed tears and reveals, “I was disappointed. It is a misunderstanding. It is okay to speak ill of me, however, bringing up my parents… I was very disappointed.”

She also reveals, “I wanted to become successful with my music, however, I first came to be known as someone’s sister. I want to be recognized for my own abilities rather than trying to clear up a misunderstanding. I really want to show to everyone that I can make it alone without anyone’s help.”

Meanwhile, “Produce 101” made its first airing last January 22.

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