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Actress Kim Min Jung addresses the controversial issue of entertainment sponsorships.

On February 14, Kim Min Jung posted a picture of SBS’ “We Want to Know” along with her thoughts on the issue of entertainment sponsorships through her Instagram account.

On the recent broadcast of SBS’ “We Want to Know,” the show addresses the reality of entertainment sponsors of some famous and aspiring actresses and idol group members. Although their identities are not show, the show has also invited an entertainment insider who has a list of female celebrities who are said to have sponsors, and actresses who have experienced having sponsors.

Kim Min Jung Instagram

The actress writes, “I hope that today’s episode of this show would not bring damage to the actors who have silently pour their sweat and energy to every step that they take, even up till now. With that, I would also like to thank the broadcasting personnel for speaking on these situations which really happen in real life.”

She also adds, “My heart hurts for the young girls who have to give up their dreams of becoming actors because of such matters.”

Kim Min Jung also addresses the issue of entertainment sponsorships by saying, “What is wrong is wrong. With effort and sincerity, a dream could be reached. Stop thinking that you could be able to buy everything with money.”

She adds, “Most of all, I hope that this broadcast could become a stimulant for those people who create such situations.”


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