Home » Jun Hyun Moo apologizes for his interview of Kang Ho Dong at the ‘2015 SBS Entertainment Awards’

MC Jun Hyun Moo interviewed Kang Ho Dong since he was one of the nominees for a ‘Daesang’ Award (Grand Prize). Although the interview was quite candid, it appears that many netizens were offended by Jun Hyun Moo’s way of interviewing him.

Jun Hyun Moo asks him, “What activity have you done this year?” However, the netizens took to this as Jun Hyun Moo insinuating that the comedian did not do much activity this year.

When Kang Ho Dong revealed that his hands were sweating, Jun Hyun Moo then replies, “Really? It’s because you are fat,” causing both of them to laugh.

Jun Hyun Moo then took to his Instagram account to apologize regarding the incident.

He writes, “This morning after I finished my radio broadcast, I read the comment that you all wrote about the ‘2015 SBS Entertainment Awards’. I found out that many felt offended with how I interviewed Kang Ho Dong.”

What is even more shameful is that before you have pointed this to me, I did not know the severity of what I have done.

I was unable to differentiate my personal life from my work life with the reason that he is my close ‘hyung.’ I had a momentary lapse of memory that you were all watching.

I admit that I have carelessly crossed the line.

I am writing a deep letter of apology. I had a phone conversation with Kang Ho Dong and told him of my mistake and apologized.

I am thankful that he told me that it was not a big deal and encouraged me.

From now on, I will be more mature and careful on broadcast. I would be hosting another awards ceremony tonight, I will show you a different side of myself.”