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Actress Ju Da Yeong revealed to have fainted due to stress from malicious commenters.

It has been revealed that the actress has fainted due to all the stress she has received from all of the malicious comments that she has received on her SNS accounts.

On February 12, her management agency revealed, “Ju Da Yeong is currently on her way to the ER after fainting. She had shown symptoms of nausea and fever during the filming of ‘Our Home’s Honey Jar.’ Her fever went up to 39.8 Celsius. Moreover, the first hospital which she went to have referred her to go to a bigger hospital, so she is being transferred to another facility.”

Her agency also added, “She was affected by the hate comments when malicious rumors have spread following her role in the film ‘Pure Love.’ Ju Da Yeong had to close all of her personal social media accounts. She could not sleep for several days and since she went ahead to attend to her filming and interview schedules despite being sleep deprived, which is why this sort of thing have happened.”

Her management agency has also revealed that they are currently gathering evidence with regards to the malicious commenters and are planning to take legal action against them.

Aside from “Pure Love,” the actress is also known for her roles on films such as “Mourning Grave,” “White Night,” and “Private Eye.” She has also appeared on dramas such as “Inspiring Generation,” “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Feast of the Gods.”

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