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Girl’s Generation reveals their secret to maintain their status as Korea’s top girl group.

On a recent press conference for Girl’s Generation’s concert tour in November 22, “Girl’s Generation 4th Tour Phantasia in Seoul” a reporter asks the group, “Next year would be the tenth year since your debut. What is the secret to the girl group’s long term success?”

Tiffany then responds, “We continue to release new music due to the continual love and support that we have receive from our fans. We have never lost our passion for music and performing throughout all of these years. We will always look forward to releasing new songs and would always tell ourselves that we should never stop working hard. The secret to our success is our teamwork as a group.”

Girl’s Generation also expresses their excitement for being the first ever South Korean girl group to hold their fourth concert. It would be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena on November 21 to 22.

Girl’s Generation phantasia poster

The group is expected to perform all of their hit songs including the title track “Lion Heart” from their latest fifth album.

The members have also worked with the world famous choreographer Rino Nakasone who has previously worked with famous celebrities such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Chris Brown.

The group debuted in June of 2007 with their debut track “Into the New World.” They are also known for their hit songs, “Gee,” “Genie,” “Oh!” “Run Devil Run” and more.


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