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FNC Entertainment responds to body double CF controversy involving AOA member Seolhyun

The controversy began when the body double of AOA’s Seolhyun made an online post claiming that it was her body that was used during a CF filming.

The CF in question was SK Telecom’s new campaign for their smartphone ‘Sol’ which shows Seolhyun at a beach in Thailand.

Seolhyun’s body double then posted a message through her SNS account by saying, “It was my body which was used during the CF filming in Thailand. It was not her body. I am so sad. Do you understand what I mean?”

Seolhyun body double

The post has then gained the attention of netizens who have also reposted the post under the title, “Message from Seolhyun’s body double.” Later, the post became a hot topic to which the body double then posted another message, saying, “I only said that it was my own body. Hahaha. What is with all of this commotion?”

In response to the issue, AOA’s management agency FNC Entertainment then released an official statement by saying, “Most of the CF filming included the face and not the entire body, so Seolhyun herself have filmed the scenes. The body double was only limited to the action scenes. When you look at the CF, there was about one second of underwater scene that needed wires. That was about all the body double had done.”

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