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CSJH (The Grace) member Dana talks about being a vocal trainer for some SM Entertainment idols.

On the recent broadcast of KBS cool FMPark Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” Dana talks about her job as a vocal trainer and why she does not want to leave SM.

DJ Park Myung Soo asks her as to who were her students, Dana then reponds, “I often taught Girl’s Generation and f(x). Yoona, Seohyun, Jessica, Sulli and more.”

She was then asked if she gets mad if her students were unable to keep up, to which Dana reveals, “I do not get mad. I don’t let them notice that they are falling behind. Jessica, for example, had the habit of not being able to project. I fixed it by teaching her to sing pushing her back forward. Later on, she was able to find her own color.”

Dana also reveals what she has been doing lately by saying, “I am currently performing in a musical. I also went on ‘Mask King’ and I felt good since my singing ability was recognized. No one recognized that it was me.”

She then confesses, “I am recording my album, however due to a slump, I halted for a while. You have to sing with all your heart and I don’t have the confidence.”

Park Myung Soo then asks her, “Do you have thoughts on leaving SM Entertainment? We could do trot music together. SM does not really cater trot artists, right?”

Dana then responds, “I don’t want to leave SM. Personally, I like ballads.”