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Actor Choi Sung Won reveals his favorite actor on his first ever photo shoot and interview with Grazia.

Before the photo shoot began, Choi Sung Won seemed excited for his first magazine pictorial and told the staff members, “I wanted to look nice so I put a face mask early in the morning. This would probably be my best photo shoot ever.”

On the interview, Choi Sung Won was asked if he has chosen a project after “Reply 1988,” to which the actor responded, “I would work on making my voice stronger and then decide slowly. I do not want to rush.”

The actor’s voice is known to be a bit weak for using his voice too much due to his musical rehearsals.

He added, “I am not the type who has set on a certain path in life. Whether my next project would be a musical, play, movie or a drama, I don’t care.”

When the actor was asked on his favorite actor, he picked actor Sung Dong Il who he has worked with in “Reply 1988” and the film “The Accidental Detective.”

Choi Sung Won revealed, “Sung Dong Il is like a father to me. He told me that a person who likes doing many things is good at acting. He emphasized that a person’s manners are more important than his acting skills. I could think of so many advices that he has given me.”

Meanwhile, more photos and the full interview of Choi Sung Won would be seen through Grazia’s February issue.