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BTS reveals their secret to their popularity following their “K-Pop World Hallyu Star Award” at the 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

In an interview with media outlet Star News they reveal, “We think that this award was given to us not only from the fans in Korea but also from all of the fans all over the world. We would be meeting with our fans by doing better performances in the future.”

BTS also reveals their thoughts on music by saying, “We think that our greatest strength is on how we express things through our music. Fans could relate to our music as though it is their own story and receive emotional comfort. We would like to satisfy our fans through our music.”

When asked about their charms considering their popularity, the members reveal, “Teamwork and friendship. The love and friendship among us is strong. We think that the fans like to see us together. That is our strength. Moreover, we think that they like us since our music and performances are cool.”

They add, “It is embarrassing to say this with our own mouths,” while bursting into laughter.

With regards to their plans for the year, BTS reveals “Although, nothing has been decided, we hope to show different sides of ourselves. We would like this year to be full of activities depending on each member’s skills. We would not be too ambitious and methodically rise. We are always grateful to the fans.”


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