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A BTS manager has been dismissed after a viral clip of him threatening to hit Jungkook.

The said video clip is from the making of BTS’ “2016 Seasons Greetings DVD.” The said manager was caught raising his hand as if trying to hit Jungkook, the later then appears to flinch a bit.

BTS’ management agency Big Hit Entertainment then addresses the issue by saying, “We apologize for making the fans worried regarding the ‘2016 BTS Seasons Greetings DVD Making Video.’ In order to help out artists express themselves, Big Hit Entertainment prohibits coercive or oppressive actions. We will take responsibility that such a problematic action was caught on a video which was supposed to be meaningful for the fans.”

The agency further reveals, “The manager in question has admitted the error and the agency will be responsible for the dismissal from his position and make sure that the superiors would also take responsibility for the matter.”

“The company would internally tighten its system so that this would not happen again. We will also check all of the similar cases which have been rediscovered online. In the future, if such as incident would happen again, we would take strong measures against the staff without question,” Big Hit Entertainment adds.

Finally the agency writes, “Our most important principle is ‘respect and trust our artists,’ and this issue has given us the opportunity to be more firm on this matter. We apologize once again to the fans.”

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