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Actor Yoon Jae Moon under investigation for DUI (driving under the influence) case.

Last May 23, the actor has been revealed to be discovered by the police to be sleeping in his car at a stoplight. His blood alcohol level has been revealed to be at 0.104%. He was said to be returning home after drinking with a movie crew.

On June 7, his agency Namoo Actors acknowledged and apologized for the incident by saying, “Yoon Jae Moon is currently undergoing an investigation for DUI after the police found him sleeping in his car. He admitted being under the influence of alcohol and the DUI case was taken by the Western District Prosecutors’ Office of Seoul.”

They also revealed, “He makes no excuses and is reflecting on his actions. He apologizes with his head bowed low for the trouble and disappointment he caused.”

With regards to the actor’s advertising contracts following his DUI case, his agency reveals, “We have yet to receive any official notice of contract termination with his advertisements. We were told that they are in the middle of discussions on the matter, and we are waiting for their decision.”

Last April, the actor has signed an advertising deal with a pharmaceutical company for a hangover drink.

Meanwhile, the actor is known for his roles in the dramas “Last,” “Three Days,” “The End of the World” and “The King 2 Hearts.”

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