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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany wrote a letter of apology following her controversial posts during Korea’s Independence Day and leaves the KBS variety program, “Unnie’s Slam Dunk.”

After receiving criticisms from the netizens, Tiffany wrote, “Hello, this is Tiffany. I apologize for causing concern because of my mistake during a cherished and meaningful day. I am embarrassed for disappointing everyone because of this mistake. I am reflecting on my action. From now on, I would make sure to remember that people are watching my actions. I will work hard in order to become a person who thinks deeply so that things like these would not happen again. Again, I apologize for disappointing everyone because I was lacking.”

Tiffany letter

Despite Tiffany’s apology, some viewers of the show still demanded the removal of the Girls’ Generation member by flooding the program’s viewer board.

Meanwhile, “Unnie’s Slam Dunk” released an official press release which states, “After the discussion of the producers and SM Entertainment, we have made the final decision for Tiffany to leave the program in consideration of the nation’s sentiments.”

The program also revealed that they would continue the show with the five remaining members and would not look for a replacement for Tiffany.

They also stated the episode which was scheduled for August 19 would be canceled because of the 2016 Rio Olympics coverage and that it has nothing to do with Tiffany’s controversy.

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