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SNL Korea” apologizes to the members of B1A4 as well as their fans following a video showing sexual harassment goes viral.

Recently, a video clip showing “SNL Korea” comediennes grabbing the members’ private parts has gone viral. While the members initially got shocked over the treatment, they try to laugh it off awkwardly.

After making its rounds on the net, it was then revealed that it was not just B1A4 who has suffered the harassment but as well as the other male guests who came to the show. Later, netizens criticized the actions of the comediennes while using the hashtag ‘#SNL_성추행’ (SNL sexual harassment).

In response to the issue, “SNL Korea” posted an apology through their official Facebook account saying, “Hello, this is ‘SNL Korea.’ We would like to apologize to the B1A4 members as well as their fans regarding the rough treatment against the hosts B1A4 in the clip which was released on Facebook on the 26th. It was an unfitting action towards the hosts. We will be very careful that this would not happen again. We apologize once again to the B1A4 members and to their fans.”

The members of B1A4 became the hosts of the November 26th episode of “SNL Korea” as part of their promotions for their comeback track, “A Lie” which is set to be released on November 28.

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