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First generation girl group S.E.S has been revealed to be making their comeback in celebration for their 20th anniversary.

On October, S.E.S member Bada posted a group photo with co-members Eugene and Shoo. Along with the photo, Bada wrote a long message saying:

“We would like to have a really meaning time for our 20th anniversary.

Hello, this is SES’s Bada, Eugene and Shoo!

This seems like it has been a really long time since we have greeted you like this. All the members are together right now~ We felt like it would be great if we told you this news ourselves, so we are writing this. It will be S.E.S’s 20th anniversary next year!!! We are going to make a special time with our forever Friends (fandom name) for our anniversary.

To be honest, since we first talked about doing this together, we were nervous and excited. Seeing our fans’ happy reactions to the news that we would reunite makes us think that we need to prepare even more diligently. We are sincerely thankful to everyone who is giving is support.

We feel even more hearty thanks to Lee Soo Man, who said that he would be happy to help us and saw our idea prettily~ ^^  We are still at the starting stage, but as we prepare, we are going to give more great news. Our Friends, please wait a bit more and expect more as well ^^. Thank you for always giving us support.”

Stay tuned for more updates on S.E.S!