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The new format of KBS show ‘A Style For You’ has recently garnered criticisms and have been accused of copying the MBC show ‘My Little TV’.

KBS has recently revealed that they would be live streaming ‘A Style For You’ through Afreeca TV. The station wants to have an interactive stylish show with the fans and viewers of the show.

The show stars famous idols as MCs including, Super Junior member Heechul, KARA’s Hara, Bora of Sistar and EXID’s Hani. With the new format, BJs Choi Goon, Yoon Ma, Jeon Soo Ah and Jjung Dae will be joining the cast for the livestream.


The BJs will be rebroadcasting the scenes in the show to give an opportunity to the fans and viewers to be able to live-chat with the MCs.

However, netizens have given a negative reaction with the new format of the show.

They accuse KBS to have copied the MBC show ‘My Little TV’ as the first season of the ‘A Style For You’ which was aired last April was very different to the new version.

The netizens have also pointed out that many of KBS shows are similar to MBC shows such as KBS’ ‘Superman is back’ to MBC’s ‘Dad! Where are we going?’ and KBS’ ‘Immortal Song’ to MBC’s ‘I Am a Singer’.

Many netizens find it as a lack of creativity and professionalism.

KBS has also defended the criticisms and said that they only follow the trends in the entertainment industry.

What do you think of the new format of the show?