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BTS leader Rap Monster revealed to be taking a break due to health concerns.

On September 30, Big Hit Entertainment shares:

“Hello, this is Big Hit Entertainment.

We are here to inform you that BTS member Rap Monster would not be able to perform at ‘K-Pop World Festival’ which would be held today at Changwon.

Rap Monster, who was focusing on the new choreography practice for their 2nd album, was sent to the orthopedics on September 29 when he felt pain. He was recommended to control himself from any excessive activity since it could lead to stress fracture.

No other concerns were found during the X-ray, and his knees were in good condition, including his other parts. To be able to improve his health, he will be receiving physical therapy regularly. When the symptoms were discovered at an early age, the doctor revealed that he would be able to recover after taking a break from his activities. In consideration of the doctor’s advice, Rap Monster would take a break to focus on his treatment so that he could be able to come back healthy.

Rap Monster will not be able to participate in the performance scheduled for today. However, the other members of BTS will be joining the event. Moreover, the other remaining members will be attending the ‘Busan One Asia Festival’ on October 1.

We apologize to the fans who looked forward to BTS’ performance in both events. All the members of BTS will be greeting fans bright and healthy during their comeback promotions.”


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