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Recently, a questionable post on actress Kim Go Eun’s fan café has caused a controversy among netizens with regards to the recently ended tvN drama “Cheese in The Trap”.

On Kim Go Eun’s fan café, a post has been uploaded using the actress’ ID which attempted to explain a recent interview of the actress by saying, “The interview was not published the way that it was made and was edited in a slanted way which is why people have left hate comments.” The post added, “You are either a huge fan of another actor or you are just adding fuel to the fire as someone who has been paid to write comments.”

Kim Go Eun’s fan café

The questionable post has immediately received attention from the netizens, to which Kim Go Eun’s agency then clarifies, “Our youngest staff member had uploaded the writing by accident as they share the same ID. It is definitely not the official statement by the agency.”

The interview referring in the post was when Kim Go Eun had commented on the controversies regarding the drama ‘Cheese in The Trap’ by saying, “It is really regrettable that the drama became controversial since the actors themselves became the controversies.” The public had thought that the actress’ comment was an indirect jab at her drama co-star Park Hae Jin who has previously shared his regrets on the production that many of his scenes from the drama were edited out.


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