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The producer of “We Got Married” responds to criticisms for making Hollywood star Chloe Moretz eat unfamiliar foods.

In the recent broadcast of the show, Chloe Moretz along with Eric Nam made a guest appearance and visited the house of “We Got Married” couple Henry and Yewon.

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In the episode, the couple, Henry and Yewon had prepared four food challenges for Chloe including Bundegi (Silkworm larvae), Soondae (Korean blood sausage), a live octopus and a super spicy ramyun (Noodles). They even called the challenge as “Korean Food Avengers”.

Although Chloe was really game for the food challenges and have tried to eat all of them, the viewers of the show have criticized the staffs for putting Chloe in an awkward position.

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The viewers believed that she was put into a position of being forced to eat the things which she did not want to, which made the viewers feel uncomfortable after watching the segment.


However, Sun Hye Yoon, producer of the show responds to criticisms and revealed that Chloe Moretz was actually the one who suggested it.

The producer told TV Report, “It was Chloe’s representative who made the request. They have said that she wanted to try unique foods just like traditional royal dishes. ”

“In the set, she was having so much fun. Since she is 19, she has a really bubbly personality. She got along with Henry, Yewon and Eric Nam so easily,” the producer also reveals.

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