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The KBS ongoing drama ‘Producer’ has been gaining criticisms for their distracting product placements.

It was previously revealed that almost half of the production costs for the said drama have been covered by advertising in the series.

The drama’s all-star lineup, including Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun and IU, have contributed to the large demand of advertisers for screen time in the drama.

‘Producer’ 1

However, the drama has been gaining criticisms from some viewers for the distracting and excessive product placement.

In the recent editorial made by the newspaper Ilgan Sports the writer comments, “There were so many obvious product placement, it was hard to tell whether it is a drama or an 80-minute commercial.”

“The problem is, the placing was so awkwardly done. The former tvN drama ‘Misaeng’ was well received by the viewers since its product placement was natural and did not affect the show’s flow compared to ‘Producer’ in which their product placement was too obvious,” the writer continues.

‘Producer’ 2

The writer also included a comment made by an advertising agent saying that product placement has become really common in dramas nowadays and that it has become a concern for those in the industry since if the placement becomes unnatural, it could also lead to criticisms from the viewers. Advertisers would not want to see products being seen in a way that seems ridiculous.

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