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With the launching of the fifth season of tvN’s controversial beauty show Let Me In, a press conference was held on June 4.

The program has become controversial in its past seasons due to its format.

Let Me In selects female applicants who suffered from mental, physical, and emotional distress because of their appearance. Although the program has a positive intention to help the female applicants, many viewers have criticized the show for instigating social values which only focuses on appearance and looks.

Let me In

The show’s PD, Park Hyun Woo comments, “Let Me In is not a plastic surgery program. Undergoing a plastic surgery can change one woman’s life, it can boost her self-esteem. Plastic surgery itself is not our goal. Despite not being shown, the women live together for two up to six months to be trained for regular workouts as well as employment counseling. It is such a shame that plastic surgery is the only thing that was emphasized.”

Yang Jae Jin, a plastic surgeon and director, also comments, “Let Me In is not simply a show in order to become pretty. The program aims to help women who has experienced a hard time with the society due to their genetic deformity and to establish friendly personal relations as well as functional ability in the work environment. Though the standards of beauty may change, the standards of living the norm does not really change much in the society.”

Meanwhile, Let Me In 5 would be premiering on June 5 at 11:30 KST. Actress Hwang Cine, g.o.d member Son Ho Young, announcer Choi Hee and actress Lee Yoon Ji would become the hosts for the fifth season of the show.

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