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Singer turned actor No Min Woo has been revealed to have sued his former agency SM Entertainment.

It is said that the singer has sued SM Entertainment for the broadcast ban and the 17-year slave contract.

The singer’s legal representatives JC Partners has revealed that No Min Woo has filed the lawsuit last month and has reported the agency’s unfair actions to the Fair Trade Commission.

“Even before No Min Woo has debuted, he signed a contract of 17 years with SM Entertainment. Contracts which last more than seven years are already considered unfair, how much more a 17 year contract,” states No Min Woo’s side.

No Min Woo’s representation continues, “When No Min Woo had showed signs of opposition to the 17 year contract issue, the agency postponed all his activities. SM Entertainment has also blocked No Min Woo’s television appearances.”

“No Min Woo feels that he was treated wrongly thus he is going to court against a big company like SM Entertainment even when the contract was already over,” his rep added.

SM Entertainment has immediately responded to the actor’s claims and stated, “We are planning to take legal action regarding the groundless lawsuit.”


No Min Woo debuted as the drummer last 2004 in SM Entertainment’s boy band TRAX and left two years later. In 2008 he pursued acting and is known for his roles in “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and “Full House Take 2”.

In 2013, he made his comeback on the music scene under the stage name ICON.

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