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My Love From the Star” to have a different ending in Chinese broadcast.

The drama began its airing on Anhui STV in China on January 29, however, on February 2, it has been revealed that the ending has been edited after going through local deliberations.

The drama aired in Korea from December 2013 to February 27.

In China, the drama earned a total of almost four billion views on various video sites, however, it was not aired on Chinese television since it was unable to pass various local regulations and inspections. Two years after, the drama is finally broadcasted on Chinese television. However, it has undergone changes, such as the main character Do Min Joo being a novelist instead of being an alien since aliens and ghosts are a taboo in China.

“My Love From the Star”

Moreover, the drama “My Love From the Star” originally has 21 episodes, however, it would have 30 episodes in China due to a shorter broadcasting time.

The production company, HB Entertainment, behind the drama responds, “Since we have handed over the Chinese publication rights as a whole, we no longer have control over story edits nor broadcasting lengths.”

They added, “However, we gave them the episodes as they were aired, so there would not be a lot which they can edit.”

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