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Former 2NE1 member Minzy revealed to have signed a contract with management agency The Music Works.

A representative from The Music Works reveals, “Gong Min Ji is an artist who has infinite potential for growth. To be able for her to achieve the best of her talent, we are going to support her activities in different areas. Aside from her talent, we think that Minzy is an upstanding person who has a lot of values. In accordance to that trust, we have decided to work with her and support her so that she could be able to grow and develop.”

The representative also adds, “Minzy plans to make efforts as a musician and on working as a soloist who writes her own music and lyrics. She will also be helping out with My Teen, a new group which is set to debut next year. Minzy would also be helping out with her male and female juniors in the agency. We ask that you will give Minzy your support, interest and consideration.”

Meanwhile, the management agency Music Works is home to artists such as Baek Ji Young, Yoo Seung Eun, Song Yu Bin, Gilgu Bonggu, BASTERD and “Produce 101” contestant Kim So Hee. The management label, The Music Works, is an in-house subsidiary label of CJ E&M.

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