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Maxim Korea’s September cover receives criticisms for beautifying violence against women.

The men’s magazine Maxim Korea has been recently receiving criticisms for its latest cover which features actor Kim Byung Ok.

In the cover, Kim Byung Ok is shown to be smoking with his hand on the trunk where a woman’s legs are tied up and has the concept ‘Bad Guy’ on its September issue.

In the cover photo, Maxim Korea magazine also includes the caption, “So the girls like the ‘bad guy’ types? Here is a true bad guy. It is to die for, isn’t it?”


However, after the issue was released, many netizens have negative views on the cover. Many have commented that the cover has shown that violence against women is acceptable, netizens also feel that Maxim Korea has crossed the line.

In response to the criticisms, Maxim Korea has responded, “Maxim’s September issue focuses on actor Kim Byung Ok. Each photo focuses on kidnap, murder, prisons, abandonment and more.”

Maxim Korea also wrote on its homepage, “You can see from the various photos that this month’s issue is centered around expressing crimes, however, nowhere in the pictorial focuses on sexual assault. We did not beautify sexual assault. We have only aimed in stylizing the photos like a noir film, giving off a certain atmosphere and telling a story. We hope that you understand our point.”


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