Home » JYP and Shin Dong Yup corners Lee Min Ho regarding Suzy

The 2015 Baeksang Arts Award MC Shin Dong Yup and JYP who performed at the show had cornered Lee Min Ho regarding his girlfriend Suzy.

The show’s MC comedian Shin Dong Yup amuses the audience when he asked Lee Min Ho regarding Suzy and Park Jin Young stopping his performance just to greet Lee Min Ho.

Shin Dong Yup came to the actor’s table and asked him, “You came because you know that you win an award right?” To which Lee Min Ho responds, “I came to confirm that.”


The MC continues to tease him and says, “Do you think of someone when you receive an award? Is it Suzy?,” causing Lee Min Ho to be taken aback about the frank question and smilingly responds, “The award is for the fans.”

Shin Dong Yup follows up by asking, “Who do you think will come into your mind when you get an award?,” the actor responds, “I think the fans.”

Finally Shin Dong Yup commented, “If you receive an award and think of that person out of many people, she would feel good.”

Park Jin Young on the other hand, was one of the guest performers for the night. In his performance, he especially stopped the music and came down the stage just to be able to personally greet Lee Min Ho on his table. The actor then shook hand with JYP and bowed to him, showing respect to the CEO of Suzy’s agency.


Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho won the popularity award for the movie ‘Gangnam 1970’.