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miss A member Jia leaves JYP Entertainment and the group while Fei re-signs.

On May 20, JYP Entertainment reveals, “We are notifying you about miss A members Jia and Fei’s contracts. Jia’s contract with the agency has ended on May 20. We will genuinely support Jia who has spent a long time with the agency and hope that her future will be even brighter.”

They also reveal, “Fei has re-signed a contract with JYP Entertainment, and she will continue her activities in Korea and in China. We will wholeheartedly support her activities.”

In light of Jia’s departure from JYP Entertainment and miss A, fans are wondering as to the future of the group. With regards to this, JYP Entertainment reveals, “It is only Jia who would be leaving the group. miss A will not be disbanding. While there are no plans for an album or comeback activities at the meantime, the three members will be focusing on their individual activities for now.”

Aside from her promotions with miss A, Jia has also appeared on a lot of variety shows both in Korea and China. She has also made her acting debut with the 2014 Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer,” and starred in the 2015 Chinese film “The Third Way of Love.”

Meanwhile, the contracts of the remaining members Min and Suzy are set to expire next year. The group’s latest release was their album “Colors” in March 2015.


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