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Nine Muses member Hyuna has been revealed to be leaving the group.

On October 3, Star Empire Entertainment reveals, “The contract with Hyuna, who has been with us as a member of Nine Muses for six years, has been terminated. After discussing the matter with Hyuna, we have decided to respect her wishes to expand her career in other forms.”

They add, “Please give Hyuna, who has led the group and worked her hardest as the oldest member of Nine Muses, your love and support as she starts off anew.”

After the reports came out, Hyuna then posts a message to her fans through her fan café. She writes, “It feels unreal even though the decision was made after giving it a lot of thought for a long time. I feel like I will always be here, laughing and chatting with my members and being happy from my fans’ love. I am a bit scared and lost. However, I will not forget the passion I had as the oldest member of Nine Muses.”

In June of this year, members Euaerin and Minha have also decided to leave the group following their contract expiration.

Meanwhile, Nine Muses would continue to promote with its five remaining members Hyemi, Kyungri, Sojin, Sungah, and Keumjo. Their agency, Star Empire, has made no announcement of adding new members as of yet.

Stay tuned for more updates on Hyuna and Nine Muses!

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