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Super Junior – M member Henry and Yewon will be ending their virtual marriage on MBC show ‘We Got Married’.

An official from MBC has confirmed the news on June 2, “It is true that Henry and Yewon would be leaving this month. However, the schedule for the last recording is still up in the air.”

“We have not yet decided on the new couple who would replace them either,” the representative adds.

Henry and Yewon have joined the show in March and will make their departure after 3 months.

Henry and Yewon

Yewon has also sent her apologies to actress Lee Tae Im after their cursing incident and showed her gratefulness to Henry by posting a photo of her handwritten letter in her Twitter account.

Yewon writes that every time she films ‘We Got Married’, she got scared and exhausted to face people and have wanted to give for a couple of times but thought that it would be unfair to give up just because she was going through a lot. She feels that the only way to repay the staff and producers of the show and to Henry was to do her best.

She also apologized to Henry who was very supportive to her and to the viewers who did not want her to be in the show as well as those fans who have supported her.

Finally she apologized to actress Lee Tae Im for her immature actions during the filming of ‘Tutoring Through Generations’.


Previously, the other ‘We Got Married’ couple Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun is also revealed to be leaving the show as well.


Stay tuned for the new couples who would be replacing them!