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Leessang member Gary shares his thoughts about leaving SBS variety show, “Running Man.”

Recently, the show revealed that Gary would be leaving the show to focus on his music career.

The producers of “Running Man” explained, “Gary has expressed his desire to focus on his music studies and told us that he wants to invest more time in music. The ‘Running Man’ producers have decided to respect Gary’s decision to pursue his primary field as a musician. We appreciate Gary who has given a tremendous amount of effort for ‘Running Man’ as one of the original members for the past seven years.”

Following the reports of Gary’s leave from the show, he shared his thoughts about his decision through his Instagram account.

Gary wrote, “Hello everyone. This is Kang Gary. First off, I am very very sorry to all of those who were greatly surprised by the news of my leave. I would also want to thank you and thank you again to everyone who has given me their attention, love, and advice for the past seven years. I will work hard whenever and in whatever I will be doing as to not disappoint the fans who have created such unforgettable and happy moments in my life. Also, I am encouraged since you have supported me in my decision!! Again, I apologize and thank you. Finally, please love ‘Running Man’ and the cast members who work hard to make everyone happy. I love you!”

Meanwhile, Gary will be attending to his last recording for the show on October 31.

What are your thoughts on Gary’s leave from “Running Man”?

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