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Former GFriend member who left before the group’s debut has been sentenced to pay more than 10 million KRW to Source Music.

GFriend’s entertainment label Source Music has won their lawsuit against the former GFriend member “A.” It has been said that she had received vocal and dance training. However, in April of 2014, “A” told Source Music that she wanted to stop. The company then claimed that “A” agreed to submit the documents for contract cancellation and pay the fees.

Moreover, the contract which “A” had signed stated that she would have to pay twice the amount that Source Music had invested in her if she breaks the contract. But, “A” did not pay the amount which led to Source Music filing a lawsuit in August of 2014.

The company demanded a total of 55.7 million KRW, which also included the girl group training and dormitory fees from the team debut which was said to be pushed back 5 months.

“A” claimed that Source Music had imposed an incredible weight loss on her and excluded her from training. But, the court did not accept her argument saying that since “A” did not come to training, she, therefore, broke the contract and had to pay the double amount.

The court, however, did not accept that it was the fault of “A” that GFriend’s debut was pushed back for 5 months. The court then ordered “A” to pay the contract breaking fee of 12.47 million KRW.


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