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A manager from SM Entertainment’s boy group EXO has been revealed to have been fined after assaulting an EXO fan last year.

On April 29, the court had ordered a fine to the manager of EXO which was One million won (approximately 930 USD).

The manager was reported to have physically assaulted a fan of EXO at the Incheon International Airport last August 19, 2014.


At that time, the members of EXO had come from Nanjing,China after their performance and have returned to Korea. At the airport, the manager had hit a fan’s head, which caused the fan to have bruises in the head after being hit by the camera that the fan was holding. The fan was then confined at the hospital for two weeks of treatment.

At the trial of the case, EXO’s manager pleaded not guilty and said that he saw the fan back then but did not assault the said fan.

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Still the court ruled the manager guilty after the evidences were provided and have ordered a fine to the manager.

Whenever EXO members or any other Idol groups/artist exits or enters an airport, many fans would come to see them. Some of them would even surround the Idols and touch them, some even go too far as to kissing or hugging the Idols. On the other hand, Managers do their best to protect the idols but sometimes they tend to be rude or rough with the fans.

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