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Chinese company DaLing reveals that they believe that they can win the lawsuit against SM Entertainment for using Luhan as an endorsement model in their company.

Previously, SM Entertainment has revealed that they would be filing a lawsuit against former EXO members Kris and Luhan as well the companies who used them as endorsement models.

luhan daling

On June 2, Chinese media outlet Sina reports that Luhan had attended an event for DaLing. During the event, the representatives from DaLing had commented regarding their stance on SM Entertainment’s lawsuit.

One representative reveals,“ We are a very weak company. Just a couple of days ago, we read in a popular media outlet of a news headline saying that SM Entertainment would be suing us. We became very scared and confused when we saw that. Luhan’s contract termination issue is still under mediation in Korea, it is strange that this lawsuit had suddenly occurred in China.”

“We don’t want to cause problems, but if it occurs, we would not be afraid of it. We believe that we can win,” a representative adds.

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DaLing has also written in their official Weibo account, “We are not afraid of any kind of trouble if DaLing is together. We believe that Luhan and DaLing would win! This is our stance regarding the lawsuit issue regarding Luhan and SM Entertainment.”

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