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The production crew of the ongoing drama “Cheese in the Trap” addresses the conflict that they had with original webtoon writer Soonkki.

Previously, the original writer of the webtoon Soonkki had written a lengthy post online about the ending of the drama series being similar to the planned ending for the webtoon. The author wished that the drama should create a different ending so that it would not spoil the readers of the webtoon.

In response to the issue, the production crew then writes, “First of all, with regards to the writing that Soonkki uploaded regarding the ‘Cheese in the Trap’ drama, we apologize for failing to take the original creator into account. We were too focused on producing the drama that we have forgotten to share the script with the creator at the midway mark of the series. With regards to the ending, we want to apologize about only sharing the script once we have entered filming for the ending. Director Lee Yoon Jung has already apologized to Soonkki and the webtoon writer has accepted her apology.”

They added, “We tried our best to wrap up the main characters’ stories and emotions. We hope that you would be able to watch without any prejudices. Again, we apologize for inconveniencing all of the fans and we hope that you would watch until the end.”


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