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Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) shared their thoughts about being on bad terms with YG Entertainment and BIGBANG’s appearance on their variety shows.

Previously, a representative of YG Entertainment stated, BIGBANG have labored for a long time to appear on a KBS music program. However, they have yet to receive any response. It is a shame and they feel sorry towards their fans.”

Moreover, BIGBANG’s latest track, “Fxxk It” was deemed inappropriate by KBS, which they explained that it was because of the curses, slang and vulgar expressions that were used in the song. To this, YG Entertainment said, “We do not plan to modify the problematic portions and submit for another review.” As a result, fans would not be able to hear BIGBANG’s “Fxxk It” on KBS.

Following the suspicions that both companies are on bad terms with each other, a representative from KBS Entertainment stated, “The higher-ups in KBS would not make a decision so that BIGBANG could not appear in KBS’s entertainment shows. It is not true. Although it is correct that BIGBANG’s agency YG Entertainment and the producers who direct our programs have been exchanging words, still, it is not like the directors and managers meet up then all of the singers appear on a program, right?”

Meanwhile, BIGBANG has recently made their comeback with “MADE” along with the title tracks, “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance.”

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