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Topp Dogg leader P-Goon took to his Twitter account to demand justice and explanation from Hunus Entertainment’s former CEO and producer, Cho PD, with regards to financial matters.

The Topp Dogg leader wrote:

“Hello, this is Topp Dogg leader P-Goon.

I would like to demand and honest explanation our former CEO and producer Cho PD-nim with regards to the group’s 8-perfomance Japanese showcase tour which was carried out in association with Timo Music and the 300,000,000 KRW which was not recorded in the statement of accounts and has been neglected even to this day.

After checking over the statement of accounts for Topp Dogg’s promotions in the past 3 years, we have realized that the revenues earned from the Japanese showcase tour were never really recorded in the statement despite that the performances were wrapped up successfully.

Currently, Cho PD-nim is involved in a lawsuit with Hunus Entertainment, home to Topp Dogg, because of issues with past balance accounts. As such, he is no longer a part of the label.

We demand an explanation from Cho PD-nim.”

The boy group Topp Dogg debuted under Stardom Entertainment in October of 2013 as a 13-member group. The label then merged with Hunus Entertainment in July of 2015 due to financial instability.

Topp Dogg is known for their songs, “Rainy Day,” “The Beat,” “Annie,” “Topdog,” “Open the Door,” and “Follow Me.”

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