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Clazziquai member Horan revealed to be caught drunk driving and taking a break from her activities.

According to Horan’s management agency, Ji Ha Dal, “Horan has been questioned by the police for drunk driving and a minor collision at the south end of Sungsoo Bridge while she was on her way to a live radio broadcast on September 29, 6 am KST.”

The agency also adds, “She is deeply apologetic since she knows that there is no excuse or explanation for what she did. She will halt all of her broadcast activities for the time being and have a deep reflection regarding her actions.”

According to reports, Horan’s blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.101 percent, causing her to have her driver’s license canceled. Moreover, it has also been revealed that there was one person who suffered minor injuries during the collision.

Previously, the listeners of Horan’s morning SBS Power FM radio show, “Horan’s Power FM,” were curious as to why Horan was not around to host the program. Announcer Park Eun Kyung then substituted for her, explaining, “I am filling in since an emergency came up for Horan.”

Meanwhile, Horan has recently announced her divorce last August to her non-celebrity husband of three years.

She is known for being a member of the experimental band Clazziquai Project, which debuted in 2001, which she served as the female vocalist for the group.

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