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Recently, the management companyof the boy group ZE: A, Star Empire, had revealed that member Kwanghee had just participated for the challenge in the “2011 Environment Day”. The stated challenge was to wear as much clothes as they can in order to win it. The company had stated, “Kwanghee broke the Korean record for 70 clothes, Japan record for 150 clothes, as well as the world record for 247 clothes. He established a world record by wearing 252 t-shirts and left his name in the Guinness Book of World Records.”

And also, “For the purpose of “loving the Earth’s environment”, the singer had calmly wear on all the t-shirts one by one until he had reached his limit as he can’t move his body anymore. Star Empire then continued, “Kwanghee, despite the weather being 30 degrees Celsius (~86 degrees Fahrenheit), waved to the people who were passing by during his challenge and did not lose his distinctive friendliness and warmth.”

This was revealed and posted on the group’s official me2day abd there fans had commented, “Is he really in the Guinness Book? Kwanghee daebak!”, “wow! he is record breaking! that is awesome”, “woah!!! this is good!! congratulations to Kwanghee!!”,”Wearing so many clothes made his face look smaller”, and “He must’ve worked so hard in the hot weather.”

If you can look on his face it seems that he is having fun even though it is very hard to breath nder those very thick clothes! that is serioulsy much patience and stamina to cope up with!

On the other hand, many fans are expecting for the group to made their comeback in the second half of 2011, there are still no announcement regarding this matter and so all we need to do is wait for the future announcement!