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Recently, many fans have been complaining here and then because of the security breaks problem during the performances of artists. Just only a day after the incident for SNSD’s Taeyeon, singer Wheesung has been also a victim of an attack to one of his performances. On the side that was happened to Taeyeon, SM Entertainment had decided not to press charges especially the man that had grabbed their artist is just a student. Most fans had taken it that this can be a reason for more attacks since the first incident had passed.

And yesterday, it was revealed that another attack was made and it is on solo artist Wheesung live performance. The management company of the said singer had revealed that, “a man went on stage and attacked Wheesung. He considered it a minor incident and completed his performance calmly.”

The so called incident had happened during the singer’s performance of his song, “With Me”. The man who had attacked Wheesung had attempted to kick him during his performance.

On the other hand, the management company of Wheesung is not really happy at all and most likely disappointed for what had happened, they had stated, “Thankfully, he was not injured. However, we didn’t receive any apology from the broadcasting company in charge of the performance. It was a big event and we are left wondering why security was not tight. Singers all over are having their safety compromised because of this sort of environment.”

These happenings are not good to someone’s ear especially to the fans of those artists. To all the company that is planning to hold some live stages for them then they should protect the artists that they had invited. It is under their control on what will happen to the event since the artist should only perform as they were ask to.
Fans are very much upset with the current situations; they had stated, “What’s wrong? Why does there are so many attacks?” and “omo! Its good that he is safe. The people in-charge to the event should take responsibility for what had happened to Wheesung!”