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On Friday, 24th of June, in a press conference, the Youngdeungpo police officials had finally revealed the results of the much awaited investigation of the fatal accident at the end of May in which Big Bang’s Daesung was involved. They stated that the singer is responsible for the death of the motorcyclist Hyun and so they suggested the indictment of the singer.

The police stated, “Daesung will be charged for negligence as a driver for not looking ahead to see the motorcyclist which caused him to run over the injured cyclist on the floor. ” They also added, “The injuries Hyun sustained from his initial collision under the influence prior to being run over may have been life-threatening, but the injuries sustained from being run over were so extensive that distinguishing the two is not possible.”

Furthermore, the police stated,  “Because there were only about two minutes between Hyun’s intial motorcycle accident and Daesung’s accident, we have determined that Hyun did not die within that time frame. The taxi’s video also indicated that Daesung was speeding at 70 to 80 km/h.”

After they had confirmed that Hyun was killed because of the injuries that he gets from the initial collision in the streetlight and the injuries he sustained was from Daesung’s car, the singer will be now facing unknown charges as the case will be now turned over to the prosecutors.