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Recently, After School’s UEE joined he production conference for the KBS’s upcoming drama, “Ojakgyo Brothers“, where she revealed thatshe can’t get drunk.

She explained, “I thought that I wasn’t good at drinking, but no matter how much I drank, I just wouldn’t get drunk. We go out for staff dinners at least once a week. Since I’m not with my seniors often, I went in with the mindset of taking every drink they offered me. Still, no matter how much I took, I wouldn’t get drunk. I was surprised at how strong my limit was.”

UEE continued, “Kahi and Dambi unni aren’t strong drinkers, so they’ll usually replace alcohol with soft drinks. Consequently, I had no one to compare myself to. Now, eating out is so fun that I always go. I get really upset whenever I can’t make it because of another schedule.”

Her experience endorsing various soju brands has since earned her nicknames like ’soju goddess’.