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On Strong Heart, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho had revealed his past story about all the difficulties that both he and his family had gone through.

The singer had stated, “While I was in middle school, my family went through a tough period. One day, while I was in bed, my father left the house at 4 a.m. After some observation, I realized that this was quickly became a daily occurrence. He came home at 9 p.m. and left at 4 a.m. without fail. Misunderstanding the situation, I told my mother about it and she said that he wasn’t that type of person.” And “Thinking that I needed solid evidence, I followed him one day. I wore a hooded tee and sunglasses and even had a camera ready. I believed that I would have to reveal the truth no matter what. My father took a taxi instead of a car so I thought that maybe he really was doing what I had suspected.”

He also continued, “He went into a building that I had never seen before. I felt that it was a bit too risky to follow him in so I decided to wait for him outside. He came back out carrying a lot of newspapers. It turned out that he was delivering newspapers every morning.  He used to do a lot of work as an executive, but later the situation changed so he became an assistant for another person. The important thing is that my mother also did not know about this. It was shocking news. I thought that if I succeeded, I would have to take care of my father, my mother, and my family. My mother’s situation was even more shocking. I only found this out less than a month ago. My mother had increased in weight despite exercising for 7 to 8 years. It turned out that she hadn’t actually been exercising, but had been working at a factory. Even now my parents are working hard. My parents believe that they shouldn’t use their children’s money like their own. Because I felt so sorry about that, I bought them an apartment as a present to them. I also recently traded in my father’s old car for a brand new one.”