Home » TVXQ’s Yunho Revealed The Group’s Nude Beach Experience

On June 7th, SBS Strong Heart had invited their past guests from last year and nine months to pick who will be the talk king of all of them. TVXQ’s Yunho had started it by his placard which reads, “Bora Bora nude scene.” The singer then shared, “When TVXQ were rookies, we went to the Bora Bora islands to film our music video for ‘Hi Ya Ya Summer Days‘… The beach and scenery was so lovely that it looked like a scene from a movie… We played with the stingrays in the ocean and also partook in water polo. At that time, we were so full of youth and excitement that we put all our focus into the game and our swimsuit bottoms slowly came off.”

This confession was a shock to everyone and he continued on, stating,  “However, we were told that shooting for the video would begin immediately. The staff members were heading towards us on the beach and because there were female staff members present, none of us got out of the water. We were just watching them from inside the water. Because we were embarrassed to tell the staff the truth, we told them, ‘We’re in an important match right now. Can you just wait a little?’ to delay and buy some time. The problem was we couldn’t figure out which floating swimming briefs belonged to which member. In time, we eventually wore our own swimming briefs and ended this incident.”

However, that is not the end of his story as he added, “That isn’t the end of the story… Right outside the doors of our hotel, you can go swimming. Even the floors were made of glass so you could see the ocean underneath. The building was such that if you look up from the ocean, you can see into the hotel room.” and “Since we were at a resort, it was full of newlyweds. As it got dark, our curiosity arose. We all thought, ‘Let’s have a special experience this once,’ and went swimming in the ocean. We started peeking into other people’s room from the ocean and saw various couples kissing… We went from room to room as if it were a world tour. Let’s just say some of the things I saw that night, I’m taking it to my grave.”

Who would thought that these five bachelors have a great adventure in the past? seriously.