Home » TVXQ’s Yunho expressed his feelings about performing for the second time in Tkyo Dome

On September 4th, the TVXQ duo sat down with reporters after they performed at the ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo‘ concert at the Tokyo Dome.

It’s the second time in two years for TVXQ to perform at this prestigious place, the first being back in 2009. Yunho expressed how honored he felt to hold a stage there once again, as he said, “The Tokyo Dome is a special place for TVXQ in particular. We’ve received the opportunity to stand on it once again, but this time with our company family members. It’s a lot more meaningful this time around.”

He continued, “We had a period of hiatus, so we’re grateful that so many people showed up.  As opposed to hoping for TVXQ to maintain their popularity, I want to continue to try new things.  Since our juniors are doing so well and are making their way up, we have to act as seniors and continue to work our way out.”

Concluding, Yunho added, “More than anything, we enjoyed ourselves at the concert.  It’s rare to find a concert where every single person is enjoying themselves so I hope that we’re able to continue this feeling into our future stages.”

TVXQ performed a string of their hit tracks including “Rising Sun“, “Mirotic“, “Superstar“, “Keep Your Head Down“, as well as a song off of their new September single, “B.U.T.”