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Recently, there is a video clip that shows the actress Park Han Byul, soccer player Ki Sung Yeung and idol groups Dong Bang Shin Ki and Secret had cause a great impact ti Korean community boards as well as their international sites around the world.


Park Han Byul, is an actress which is also known as Se7en’s girlfriend when the male singer had announced this on his website in the year 2009. Ki Sung Yeung or known as David Ki is a professional soccer player who is playing as the central midfielder for the Scottish Premier League Club Celtic and also in the South Korean National Team. Dong Bang Shin Ki and Secret are also pone of the popular groups in Korea; specifically Dong Bang Shin Ki is still ranked as the finest and greatest boy band of the country.

For those artists to team up just for a very short CF indulges many people to almost have an attack, this is unexpected since the artists don’t have any connections at all. The CF was entitled as “Nike Women’s Race Seoul”, this video is a CF for a marathon. As the top sports brand, Nike had managed to gather the Korea’s favorite stars from different fields to create a buzz and for people to show enthusiasm and interest to the event.

Netizens recently commented, “I’m so sad it’s so short!”, “All their charms are different from each other’s”, and “This gets me pumped for the event.”

Not only that, fans of Dong Bang Shin Ki are getting pumped to join and buy Nike shoes just because of their idols, some commented, “I will buy Nike because of TVXQ” and  “woah! *calls* *points* Race?” who just imitate how the duo show their skills. There is also one commented, “race? That sums it all!” praising how Dong Bang Shin Ki only said one word but leave a great impact to most fans.

The video started with many ladies who are inviting others to join the event, until Park Han Byul , the groups Secret and TVXQ’s Duo, and Ki Sung Yeung was shown.